The CraEdit

Cra's are long-range attackers who have supportive tendacies, they have great area of effect spells and their base spell damage is above avarage or avarage.

The StatsEdit

The cra's stats are capped as seen under. The soft caps clearly suggest that Str and Int cra's are most effective.

Cra stats

after that you would think agi is best and then chance, but the soft caps generaly don't say much about the effectiveness, the spells of a class do that for the most part.

Strength (+++)Edit

The strength build cra also has 4 main spells, Poisoned Arrow, Punitive Arrow, Lashing Arrow and Destructive Arrow. He uses Poisened Arrow to slowly deal with enemies who keep their distance. He uses Punitive arrow (which has a cooldown of 2 turns) to boost his next hit with Punitive Arrow. Lashing Arrow is used to steal the movement points of the target and to deal a little bit of damage. Destructive Arrow is used to lower the damage output of the target and to deal damage.

Intelligence (+++)Edit

The intelligence build cra has 5 attack spells, Magic Arrow, Burning Arrow, Frozen Arrow, Tormenting Arrow and Explosive arrow. He uses the Explosive and Burning arrow to deal damage to multiple targets at the same time, and frozen arrow is used to steal ap from the target. Tormenting Arrow is only used when the cra in question is an Agility/Intelligence Hybrid.

Chance (+)Edit

Hardest build to master. He has 4 main spells, Atonement Arrow, Bat's Eye, Paralysing Arrow and Slow Down Arrow. He uses his Atonement Arrow (which has a cooldown of 3 turns) to hit enemies over a long range with much damage, boosting damage for his next hit with Atonement Arrow. Bat's Eye is used to steal the range of the target, and heal a little hp in the progress. Paralysing Arrow is used to steal movement points of the target, to keep a distance from him and keep him far enough away to hit him with Atonement Arrow. Slow Down Arrow is used to deal mid damage when Atonement Arrow can not be used, and to steal AP.

Agility (++)Edit

Harder to master then his Strength and Intelligence counterparts, and mostly used for pvp and not pvm. The Agility Cra uses 3 spells and has the least vareity of all builds. The spells he uses are: Retreat Arrow, Plaguing Arrow and Absorptive Arrow. Retreat Arrow pushes enemies away with close range, Plaguing Arrow is a low damage spell, but has a really high range that can be increased, and it can hit through walls. Absorptive Arrow is an avarage-above avarage damaging spell, it is used at mid-high range and steals HP from the target, which heals the caster.