Custom items are items that the team has manually added to the game, in order to make it more interresting. These items are widly available in the shops, and most of them are for the endgame. These items are stuff like mounts and weapons, but also items that would normally don't exist in dofus 1.29, but do exist in the recent dofus.

Item creation teamEdit

There is a special team which creates the Custom items, which I  relate to as the team or team. RLGaming and TLGaming mostly do the stats of the items, while KingBrox adds them to the database.

- KingBrox (Ramina in-game)

- RLGaming (Summon in-game)

- TLGaming (Distance in-game)

The reason

DofusBrox has a lot of custom items, they make, after all, most dofus private servers more interresting and we make them in order to make competitive batteling more fun, to have a choice on  what to equip and to make better items for the endgame, so you don't need to choose between the standard end-game sets.

Overpowered or broken itemsEdit

Some items 'will 'be overpowered or broken, if you think an item is not balanced or isn't working then first look at the level of the item, a level 250 item will, of course, be stronger than a level 200 item. If you still think, after considering the level, that the item is broken then notify the team.