The EcaflipEdit

The Ecaflip is the gambling class of dofus, the damage and effectiveness of his spells depend on luck for the most part.

The StatsEdit

The Ecaflip's stats are capped as seen under.

Eca Stats

The caps suggest that the Strength build is the best.

Strength (+++)Edit

The Strength Ecaflip has 6 damaging spells, Felinton, Heads or Tails, Feline Spirit, Playful Claw, Claw of Ceangal and Fate of Ecaflip. Felinton is the Ecaflip's class spell and steals HP from enemies, while it heals allies, it also pushes the target a few places away. Heads or Tails is the Ecaflip's only not linear damaging spell, it is used to deal damage to the target at mid range. Feline Spirit is a spell that has a massive possible damage output, but it has 50% chance to hit the uses with the same amount of damage. Playful Claw is a spell with an Area of Effect, it can hit through walls. It is mainly used to deal with enemies hiding behind walls. Claw of Ceangal is the main close combat attack of the Strength Ecaflip. When it lands as a critical hit it removes 1 AP from the target for a LOT of turns. Fate of Ecaflip is a spell that hits with random (can be really high, can also be really low) damage, and if it lands as a critical hit it pushes the target away a lot, mainly used for enemies standing next to a wall for the massive  pushback damage.

Agility (++)Edit

The true gambler build, has only 2 damaging spells, Bluff and Rekop. Bluff deals 1-45 base damage at level 6 (45 damage is A LOT) and has 50% chance to be either chance or agility. When Bluff lands as a critical hit however, it will always hit with 50 base damage. Rekop steals 1 ap when not a critical hit, but when it is a critical hit, it will hit with all the elements once, and deal massive damage. Use with caution! You would wanna choose an agility ecaflip over a chance one because the caps of the agility ecaflip are way better. This is also one of my favourite all time builds.

Intelligence (+)Edit

This build can be extremely powerful when done correctly. has one main damaging attack, Topkaj, but it is not build for attacking. This build is used as a healer, using Felinton, Heads or Tails, All or Nothing and his weapon to heal his teammates. When build correctly this build can actually overpower an Eniripsa in healing! be careful with choosing equipment though, get as least +damage as possible as it will lower your healing abilities with Heads or Tails AND All or Nothing. Topkaj is a nice trump card to have, the damage is quite high for a 3 ap (at level 6) spell.